anova plus: Biotechnology
in the vineyard Service

Anova -Plus is a young innovative biotechnology company incubated at Genopole . The core business of the company is the development of simple analytical and diagnostic tools adapted to the area of agriculture and the environment . Anova -Plus seeks to bring together the pioneers winemakers from side to advance in the fight against golden flavescence but also the Wine Lovers to help growers who are most in need by offering free kits and allow them to access innovation that will better fight against golden flavescence .
The Twid agency accompanied the Anova More teams in creating their brand territory and design of their communication tools .

propose a dna test to detect the golden flavescence

Thank you to Twid for their support and guidance! the design is a key tool for successful fundraising.

Carine la

Co-fondatrice - Directrice Générale

Anova Plus - Anova plus: Biotechnology in the vineyard Service