Idea method

It aims to reach a simple goal: each brand has to defend a central idea

This idea comes to help users, employees, customers... in everyday life.

The IDEA method is to :

  • Strategically define this idea
  • Embody in words and pictures
  • Make it tangible on media
  • Achieve the brand management tools to ensure consistency


Explore different creative directions in line with the strategic direction of the project.


Giving birth to a creative concept
guiding the project towards a coherent
and sustainable posture.


Strategic positioning, Benchmark,
Draft illustrating the concept,
Mood boards, Brand Profile, Moodvideos


From this concept, extract the visual and verbal capital of the company, the brand, place or event.


Formatting the concept
and creation of a
toolbox representative.


Corporate identity, verbal style,
graphic design, typographic universe,
photographic style, sound identity...


Translate the creative concept into tangible elements for the company or the brand.


Scenario of the concept through
the applications described in the project,
ensuring consistency between them.


Images declining typical applications
(board: photo editing, 3D modeling,
rough...). Packaging implementation,
stand, editing support, videos,
POS, website


Ensure project success by managing the distribution of change internally and / or externally.


Putting the various project tools
available to teams and ensure proper
deployment of the brand and its supports


Charter graphics, brand book,
launch tools, training tools,
artworks, production planning,
monitoring suppliers

ID Co-creation

In the spirit of agile methods, id co-creation aims to work in real time with our clients and creative teams.

These workshops are an opportunity to confront internal knowledge of the company and its market held by our customers with the expertise of brands, the back and the creativity of our designers. This approach guarantees to implement increasingly innovative and differentiating projects in record time.

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ID Immersion

Inspired by the consulting, immersive version of id co-creation is an approach of integrating the creative phase in the offices of our clients.

The design team in place is in constant contact with customers and is fully familiar with the corporate culture. It brings a fresh look at the company's problems and benefits from an increased understanding of our clients without information loss. This approach is particularly effective early in the project to provide policy direction and before the launch when the pressure is at its peak.

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ID Lab Watch video

Much more than a method, it is to inject a spirit of rupture to approach the project.

This approach is used for the most projects that introduce a strong break. We question the brand and the image it gives in depth. This creates a strong difference from your competitors, to have an edge in communication. We start by asking the codes in order to see how to get rid of the superfluous, to keep the essential and add a completely new vision. The conceptual phase of the project becomes a real creative experience for both the customer and our teams. Approaching the creation of a different brand, we create identities that have a real personality.